McConnell Berry Farm
Located 10 miles south of Morgantown WV on US Route 119,
halfway between Morgantown and Grafton WV
Telephone: 304-291-0015

On Our Farm

As you may have heard, we have sold the farm.The new owners are Lee Stern and Laticia Chase.They do plan to continue the blueberry operation and have actively worked to keep it up.It looks like they will have a good crop and we hope you will give it a try.While I have consulted with them to help learn the process, I donít know how they plan to run the market.They have a Facebook page: Sternís Berry Farm.

Debby and I want to thank all our customers for their support over the years. We have always been amazed at the confidence you have placed in us and the encouragement you have given us.We cannot thank you enough.Running the farm was a great experience as we met so many new friends and neighbors Ė near and far.

Blueberries   U-Pick by appointment: 304-291-0015

    Recipes       Blueberry recipes, health and nutrition

    Apples          Summer apples, mid July-early August

Apples are gone for this year


    Bee Plus     Pollination supplies and services for Osmia
                                                    mason bees, a safe and super-pollinating
                                                                             pollen bee for spring flowering fruit

Contact Us: Debby McConnell , Bob McConnell